Team Work Works! by Dr. Praveen

Team Work Works!


I have been working with Kudumbashree Mission as the Chief Operating Officer of DDU-GKY Skill Training Programme  for the past ten months. From day one itself I have realised that I am about to take up a great responsibility. I had gone through many journals, booklets, old notes, proceedings, even mails etc to get an idea of what the programme really is and how I can contribute for the betterment of the programme. Kudumbashree was one among the best performing states in the implementation of the programme and had bagged the award for being the third the best performing state in implementing DDUGKY programme for the year 2016-17 and I wished it carry the momentum. It was a challenge to maintain the momentum and set new benchmarks. 

With the help of my team and timely and prompt guidance of our Executive Director, our team was able to achieve the second best performing state award in implementing the DDU-GKY skill training programme.  That achievement was not an easy one, we experimented and modeled many innovations and best practices, even took some bold but risky steps to take the programme to a new level. Between these two achievements, our team worked so hard to get the benefits of the programme to the real needy. With regular field visits and interaction with the beneficiaries and partners, we realized what is the real need of the rural youth and we were able to act accordingly. We could really use the Kudumbashree network for mobilizing the needy.  The support extended by the Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs) were really appreciable.  I am proud that I could become a part of this success by leading my team. I am delightful that I could make use of my past experience as well. Its through Kudumbashree, I got this great opportunity to frame and materialize the term 'team work' in its real sense and our efforts and results proved what  ' Team Work' really is!