Power of Believing in Oneself... by Rohini AM

Power of Believing in Oneself

Rohini A M
  District Program Manager – DDU-GKY

Success is no accident; it is hard work, perseverance, desire, learning and most of all the dedication for what you are doing. “Man need difficulties in life because they are necessary to enjoy the success” this renowned quote by former president of India Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam is more suited for Manuja’s life. Several reasons were there for her to fail in her life. But her faith in her abilities to get things done and it turned into a guide to Manuja. Manuja’s disabilities and lack of education were challenging factors for her to lead a good life. Manuja was so much need for a job to lead the small family which consists of her mother, husband and her daughter. As she is a disabled person it was not easy for her to get a permanent job. There are many people who are physically, economically and socially leading a backward life like Manuja. Those individuals were stuck before this dilemma of their existence without recognizing what to do next. As part of DDU-GKY we are trying to find out those youngsters who were physically disabled and give them proper training for them according to their passion and skills. We organize organise panchayat level awareness campaigns, which will employee the matching candidates to the relevant schemes which able to assure job for the trained candidates, and that helped Manuja too.

Manuja worked in many places yet because of her inability most of the organization was predicament for them and further more it was troublesome for her to travel. On that time she came to know about the Kudumbashree mission DDU-GKY through CDS level mobilization camp. Manuja went to us and the first thing she asked was “whether ill get job because I am disabled person”. We are able to give confidence and assured her that it is not an issue; at that point she joined with one of our training centre Apollo Medskills for the Home Care Assistant course. After attending the skill development classes with our training partner she become more confident and was able to mingle with the society as any other normal candidate. Manuja is now feeding food and medicine for those who are bedridden and weak and taking care of them. She underpins them with her care and offering to shade to their life. This job not only gives herself satisfaction but also a stable income to Manuja. Now she owned a two wheeler with her own income which helps her to overcome all her travelling problem caused by her disability. Manuja is just giving strength to those patients she takes care but also to the youngsters who were economically, physically and socially backward like her.