Touching Lives through Kudumbashree Mission... by Arathi Menon

Touching Lives through Kudumbashree Mission 

Arathi Menon
District Programme Manager
Kasaragod  District Mission

"Enmakaje & the  other places which I came to know through the book "Vishamazayil ellathaya mannum manushyanum" by N.Raveendran is quite familiar now". It was on 31 July 2017, I joined Kasaragod Kudumbashree District Mission as Gender District Programme Manager.Until then Kasaragod was totally a strange land for me. Till then it was only a place which I heard only through stories and write ups. The land of Endosulfan survivors!!

 When I got this job at Kasaragod I felt like someone who got a transfer to Uganda, that was like moving to a corner of the world for me !!!! When I entered the District Mission Office for the first time I felt same as a kid who goes to a pre primary class for the first time. Then only I realised that the work at Kudumbashree is quite challenging and which has high risk. Even after working as Gender District Programme Manager at Kasaragod I can't assure that all the women at Kasaragod are empowered. There are certain other factors such as religious beliefs, traditional way of thinking etc that pulls them back. But through the programmes that are being implemented by Kudumbashree, we are trying to bring a change in their perspective.

Through gender district Initiative program, Ezhuthidam Camp, Snehitha Calling Bell etc we brought out a fabulous outcome in the district. The major aim of Ezhuthidam camp is for improving and motivating the women literature talents in the district while the other is for the safety and support of the lonely. Through Ezhuthidam camp we could find many women those who are highly talented but  not engaged in writing, due to lack of time and motivation. These two programmes gave a wonderful experience both to us and the beneficiaries.

Through Community Counselors and Snehitha we are dealing with several cases a month. Different types of issues and atrocities are faced by our poor women. Snehitha Calling Bell is introduced from the thought of what we can do for the lonely, helpless and needy people. Now we find many faces who is satisfied and happy through  this project. Their smiling faces are enough to being motivated and for deliver dedicated work for the community..Now state Mission implements this program throughout Kerala....This is a moment of pride for us....! As a Gender District Programme Manager I truly believes that as a team we can do more and more for the welfare of the community and it is their support gives the strength to continue in this field!