Job Satisfaction is Must... by Shiby George T.G.

Job Satisfaction is Must

Shibi George T.G.
  Service Provider - SNEHITHA,
Alappuzha District

It is very glad to express my experience with Snehitha through this blog. In 2002, I completed my graduation and I couldn’t continue my Post Graduation on those days. Like any other girls from a middle class family my marriage was also done at a so called ‘proper time’ at the age of 23.  And I became a house wife and gave birth to two girl children. As a home maker I was completely withdrawn to my family affairs and I didn’t think about any neighborhood matters, even it good or bad. 

During May 2009,  I joined Kudumbashree as an NHG member and l got other opportunities like Gender Resource Person. Later my role had been developed as Gender District Resource Person. At that time something sparked in my mind to go on with my Post Graduation. And I joined Master of Social Work specialized with Family Social Work Practices in Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit at the age of 33. So I think a new era comes to my entire life and career. The Course had a vital role which could make over me as a domestic person to social explorer. As a professional Social Worker I’m at 2 years old. Even though I’m a toddler in my profession, but it is a great opportunity to work with Snehitha – Gender Help Desk.

Snehitha, it is very apt name for such an institute like a co-passenger of weak women and child. It’s been 7 months  since Snehitha has been started at Alappuzha. Even though so many different lives passed through our Centre. So far we had handled 165 tele cases, 106 direct cases, 58 inmate cases and 78 counselling cases. It means Snehitha had stretched its hands to 407 families. As a service provider I’m very proud to say that Snehitha is a blessing to the community.

 At Snehitha, I met so many different types of lives, different types of needs, different personalities etc.  Among these lives I choose the life of a helpless woman with a girl child as a success story of Snehitha. Let us call her Rani. Her husband's name is Raju. Her little girl is Miya. They are from nearby Alappuzha. They lived in a joint family along with Raju’s parents, his brother and his family. Her husband was not able to provide care and protection to them. So Raju’s brother and in- laws took place power on Rani and Miya. Raju was inefficient in decision making even his daughter’s academic matters too. Sometimes the family members tortured her. She felt insecurity at there. Her parents had passed away long time ago. She had two siblings, a sister and a brother. Her sister and her family was the only support to her. Her parents had some land. Brother was the custodian of all property. He was not willing to provide her share. All situations lead her to narrow circumstances. At that time she approached Snehitha. Firstly Snehitha provided shelter to her. And the case was filed at Protection Office. At first, she needed a shelter. So Protection Officer handed over this case to District Legal Services Authority (DLSA). District Legal Services Authority took an initiative for a mediation session with Rani’s brother. It was success. He allowed her to dwell their home which was given on rent for someone.

At present she lives  very calmly. Miya has got an admission at a residential school. Now Snehitha is trying to provide a livelihood to Rani. As a Social Worker it was a great opportunity to serve the community. Snehitha strengthens my qualities, reduces my weaknesses, provides more opportunities and helps me to face all threats.