Tolerance or Slavery – What is it? You Decide... by Kavitha Govind

Tolerance or Slavery – What is it? You Decide

Kavitha Govind
  Counselor - SNEHITHA,
Ernakulam District

My life was actually simply flowing in between my job and family till I joined Snehitha in 2017. I was not that much aware regarding my own personality, opinion and my own position in the society.  I studied social work and like jobs related to human service. That’s why I had been a part of an NGO for the last 14 years. Other than a job I didn’t take it as a tool for social transformation. I didn’t explore the possibilities of social work profession to make it as a change agent. Snehitha gave me an insight. Snehitha gave me the courage and inspiration to work for the community. When I joined Snehitha I thought to work as a counselor for the clients who approach us. After completing 6 months of my career at Snehitha I felt I was a mediator /negotiator/ manager/supporter /advocate/guide and so on. I could involve so many activities of Kudumbashree with utmost pleasure. 

When I conceive the idea gender equality, I thought I have the same mentality, but I was not ready to question the patriarchal society. I realized that it is a skill to practice what we believe. It helped me to develop a strategy in my counseling practice. At the time of counseling, I found that women usually confused regarding their role in their family as well as their right to existence in the role of wife or mother. So whether they need to tolerate whatever atrocities or they want to question the atrocities is a turning point in the life of a woman. I tried to differentiate them what is tolerance and what is Slavery. I asked them whether they are doing the job of a slave or they are utilizing the capacity to tolerate for the goodwill of humanity just like what great men do. I am personally convinced that a person has the right to live a dignified life; whether he or she the person is. In this conviction, I am able to address the issues coming to Snehitha. I can stand for the rights of women. I think other than a part of my job, it is my duty to make a say that violence towards women is violating human rights. A change in perspective will have a high impact in the actions of a person. I am thankful to Snehitha for creating and nurturing the thought of gender equality in me.