A Phenomenal Job... by Manjeesh VM

A Phenomenal Job

Manjeesh VM
District Program Manager 
(Micro Enterprises)
Ernakulam District Mission

My day at Kudumbashree has been absolutely phenomenal. I would be thankful to Kudumbashree, especially Ernakulam District Mission team for providing me with such an incredible opportunity. This has given in depth knowledge about the community and I can definitely say that I am more interested and motivated to pursue a career with Kudumbashree. Everything that I have learned from work to community will always remain productive in my life.

My career began here to be exact last week of July 2017. When I came in on my first day I was very nervous. All of my colleges had busy with their own works. I felt out of my depth but as soon as I walked in I was greeted by District Mission Coordinators and Assistant District Mission Coordinators. They are really sweet and friendly persons and they made me feel welcome and a bit calmer. Tanie madam (DMC) has guided me with the duties and responsibilities that should be followed during the entire project. The idea of working with the project as well as learning about the community has made me enthusiastic. After that Rajeena Madam (ADMC) was the one who took me for the meeting of ABC which was the very first official meeting that I attended. But here I was totally blank regarding that project there I met Dr. Ravikumar sir who coordinates the Animal Birth Control in the state. He explained me what that project is and what we are going to do. Which gave insight to the project and created a sense of belongingness towards the task and I felt proved to be a part of it. After lunch break each and every one has welcomed me with friendly approach which made the new environment comfortable. I have really enjoyed my work experience so far. I have done a range of activities and learnt so much.  I had happened to face many women who struggled back against the miseries they had to face in their life and overcame it. As I was given the charge of the Micro Enterprises, I had worked with so many Micro Entrepreneurs in the district.  I believe that i could contribute more to help them.Everyone in our district mission office is so kind and friendly. They have made sure I felt comfortable with the tasks I was given and they weren’t going to force me to do anything. I am cent percent sure that I could help them bring in revolutionary changes in their lives.