Kudumbashree as a learning village... by Jayesh V

Kudumbashree as a learning Village

Jayesh V
District Programme Manager
Wayanad District Mission

It was a beautiful experience that I have got from here, the world of harmony, Kudumbashree Mission. I have completed just one year here and Kudumbashree had given me immense experiences. Before talking about my work experience, I must say that the real experience that i have got is from Wayanad itself. Wayanad is a beautiful place for working as a social worker. It has given a great exposure to me. Wayanad is a place which is full of beauty and a big portion of the people are really vulnerable. 17 % of the people are tribes. Wayanad possess different tastes, different beauties, different people etc. 

As a member of Kudumbashree Wayanad District Mission, I have got so many opportunities to participate in various programmes. During the time of my Post graduation i had visited a small tribal area in Wayanad.  Now I am also a part of a team who are working for uplifting them into the main stream society. I have got a chance to form an art theater group with my district team which is named as 'ROSY'; it is a mixture of people of different ages, different religions, different sex etc. The tribal groups from different area became the part of that group. When the tribal groups receive a small amount of money they simply gives us a beautiful smile towards us. That smile is nothing but the symbol of virtue. 

A great effort made by our District team for the 'Neetham' Gender campaign was an amazing experience. The creation of Kudumbashree emblem with five thousand and above women was an excellent experience, which gave me the confidence of unity.
At the time of my joining, I started a programme named as 'Vayanashree', which is a huge effort to bring the common women into reading and to bring a gradual development in their thoughts. At the time of reading week observance as part of Vayanashree, an old lady met me and said that, it was an excellent programme by Kudumbashree for changing the attitude of women in the society. 

The programmes like Seed bank, tribal fests,onam markets etc are influencing my job and the satisfaction it gives me is immense. All these wonderful events are bringing happiness and work satisfaction to me.  I am so proud to be the part of the changes which happened in the life of some families through Kudumbashree. All the people I met during the period of one year is an amazing experience. The whole day long and late night works for conducting the programmes were really wonderful. I think all these would contribute more into my strength.